Born in Ankara, 19.01.1950, architect Hasan SÖKMEN graduated from the evening classes of Ankara State Academy of Architecture and Engineering (ADMMA). During his 5-year long studentship he has worked respectively in architectural offices of Arman Güran, Umut İnan, Şevki Vanlı and Sezer Aygen as asistant architect. Between 1976 and 1977 he worked as a part-time lecturer in design and project ADMMA.After working as a free architect in 1979, he went abroad in 1980, made excursions to the northern and southern Mediterranean countries. Between 1980 and 1985, in an architectural group in Algerian Ministry of Tourism, in which French and Italian architects took part, he worked as a foreign expert architect in touristical sub- and superstructure projects of whole Algeria.  

He turned back to his home country in 1985 and worked  two  years  in the  Research  and  Development       Department of MNG Holding as a designer architect and realised many projects.He established his own studio in 1987, and MEDI Architectural Company in 1989. Hasan SÖKMEN, whose expertise area is designing tourism investments, has designed near thirty 5-star hotels in Turkey and abroad. Hasan SÖKMEN took influental part in that the Vegas-type thematic hotels became a trend in Turkey by realising the architectural concept of Topkapi Palace in Aksu with MNG Holding. He designed architectural projects of Venezia Palace, Green Palace and Hotel Titanic and interior design project of Kremlin Palace and involved in forming the favourite places Aksu and Lara with the palace type and thematic hotels. At present, he works on three 5-star hotels in Turkey and abroad. Hasan SÖKMEN is married with two children, has good command of English and French and knows Russian and Arabic in medium degree, and is also an photograph artist who made five exhibitions at home and abroad.